SNOO Health Partnership Program

Improve Patient Experience. Reduce Burnout. Transform Infant Care!

Happiest Baby Health Partnerships

At Happiest Baby, we partner with hospitals, universities, and community-based organizations to improve and research infant sleep.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a safe, responsive bassinet that calms fussy infants (0-6 months) using womb-like sensations, including gentle, rhythmic rocking, specially-engineered white noise, and safe, anchored swaddling.

Our mission is to provide safe, evidence-based, and innovative tools that promote the optimal care and wellbeing of new families.

How SNOO Helps

Provides comfort and soothing for fussy babies and improves sleep

Improves the experience and wellbeing of new mothers

Supports clinical care teams in hospital settings

Models and facilitates following AAP "Safe Sleep" guidelines

SNOO and Enhanced Sleep

Aggregated SNOO Sleep Log data (n=72,649) indicates that SNOO use is associated with increase of approximately one hour of sleep per night (on average).

Source: Karp, H. (2022, Mar 11-16). Evaluation of a Womb-like Sensory Intervention to Improve Infant Sleep [Poster Abstract]. 16th World Sleep Congress, Rome, Italy. Sleep Medicine. 2022;100(S1):S195.

SNOO Hospital Bundle

The SNOO Hospital Bundle is a non-pharmacologic infant soothing tool for use by health professionals across clinical care settings, from postpartum rooms to NICUs. The SNOO Hospital Bundle includes a mobility cart for easy transport, durable soft goods, and infection control covers—everything your care teams need to get started with SNOO.

Mobility Cart

Mesh & Mattress Covers

Sealed Mattress

SNOO Sleep Sack

Clinician Time Savings

Clinicians report SNOO saves them
2.2 hours per shift

In a survey published in the Advances in Neonatal Care (n=204 clinicians at 44 hospitals in 22 states), nurses and other clinicians agreed that SNOO: enhances the quality of infant care (99%), reduces fussing (98%), and gives staff extra time to focus on other tasks (97%).

Gellasch, P., Johnson, S., Walsh, T. A. (2023). The Experiences and Perceptions of Neonatal Clinicians When Using a Responsive Bassinet. Advances in Neonatal Care, July 6, 2023; doi:10.1097/ANC.0000000000001086.

What Clinicians Are Saying About SNOO Smart Sleeper

“Our nurses really embraced the SNOOs–they acted like an extra pair of hands.”

Medical Director, Mother & Infant Unit,
Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU,
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond, VA

"We have a baby with inconsolable crying in our special care nursery that has turned into a content peaceful baby in the SNOO."

Nursing Unit Manager,
UW Medical Center,
University of Washington Medicine,
Seattle, WA

"Every parent loves the bed. I find babies in the SNOO sleep quietly."

Kentucky Children's Hospital,
UK HealthCare,
Lexington, KY

"In our SNOO study, infants are more settled, and parents get more rest. It has reduced the risk of sleep-deprived parents falling asleep in the chairs/beds when holding infants."

Pediatric Clinical Nurse Leader,
South Shore Hospital,
South Shore Health,
Weymouth, MA

"This is extremely helpful to our nurses and staff, especially during really busy times.”

Clinical Lead & NICU Child Life Specialist,
Children’s Hospital New Orleans,
LCMC Health,
New Orleans, LA

“As a clinician and grandparent, SNOO has been a godsend for my children and my patients."

Past Chairman,
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
University of Kansas School of Medicine,
Kansas City, KS

“My daughter is now 1 year old and I am so glad I had a SNOO. As a surgical trainee, this was so important in helping me get adequate rest so that I could be at peak performance, especially when operating on long cases.”

Surgical Oncology Fellow,
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School,
Boston, MA

150+ Hospitals Use SNOO Across the U.S.

Hospitals using SNOO include: