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SNOO Sleep Sack

Better Sleep for Healthier Families


Improve the postpartum experience for babies and parents in the nursery

Provide additional comfort and soothing for fussy babies

Support nurses with an in-room “baby care assistant”

Model American Academy of Pediatrics "Safe Sleep" recommendations


Nurses Love SNOO!
SNOO saves nurses 2.2 hours/shift!

Note: 2021 SNOO Hospital Survey (n=204 clinicians; 44 hospitals)

Clinician Testimonials

"As a clinician and grandparent, the SNOO has been a godsend for my children and my patients."

Dr. Carl Weiner,
Past-Chair, Obstetrics-Gynecology, University of Kansas School of Medicine

"We have a baby with inconsolable crying in our special care nursery that has turned into a content peaceful baby in the SNOO."

Nursing Unit Manager,
University of Washington Medical Center

"Every parent loves the bed. I find babies in the SNOO sleep quietly."

Lori, MD,
University of Kentucky

"In our SNOO study, infants are more settled, and parents get more rest. It has reduced the risk of sleep-deprived parents falling asleep in the chairs/beds when holding infants."

Pediatric Clinical Nurse Leader,
Boston Children’s Hospital,
South Shore Affiliate

"We have used the SNOO on 76 infants and 60 have not gone to the NICU and were discharged between 5-7 days…Having their infant in their room helps the mothers prepare for going home with their new baby."

Karen Frantz DeSeptis,
Summa Health

“My daughter is now 1 year old and I am so glad I had a SNOO. As a surgical trainee, this was so important in helping me get adequate rest so that I could be at peak performance, especially when operating on long cases.”

Thinzar Lwin, MD, MS,
Surgical Oncology Fellow,
Mass General Brigham

“I am the manager of the step down NICU. I have to say that SNOO worked miracles on our NAS babies!!”

Kwajalein RN-BC,
West Penn Hospital

Join Happiest Baby in Improving Infant and Maternal Care

On the 5 S’s:

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